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Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) class
Saturday June 29th, July 6th & July 13th, 2013 (8AM to 5PM)
at the McDermott Station on Empire Grade

Please take note that this is a 20 hours class spread over the 3 dates above.


…to a widespread disaster such as an earthquake or severe storm that’s damaged structures, injured and trapped people, and knocked out power, communication, and transportation infrastructure? What about a wildfire where you must evacuate your own family, and neighbors, who may be elderly or have animals, also need help? In such situations, even the best official response will be overwhelmed, compromised, and delayed-- possibly for several days. Your family is counting on you to have a plan and supplies to take care of yourselves during this time, and people will naturally reach out to help their neighbors. To not become additional victims, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training can help empower people to be prepared to face such situations, and respond to them in a safe and effective manner. Some take the CERT class only for personal preparedness, but for those who wish to respond to help others as part of a trained and organized team of Disaster Service Workers, this is the opportunity.

On June 29th we will cover emergency preparedness for the disaster scenarios we face in Bonny Doon, and how CERT teams are organized to respond in declared states of emergency. We will also learn about fire prevention and do a hands-on exercise to learn to use a fire extinguisher.

The July 6th class will cover disaster medical operations, and light search and rescue. The hands-on exercises will cover patient assessment and treatment, victim carries, and using pry bars and cribbing to rescue persons trapped under collapsed structures.

For our final class on July 13th, in the morning we will cover the remaining units of disaster psychology and terrorism, and we will spend some time on the four types of disasters Bonny Doon is most likely to face at some point in the future: earthquakes, severe winter storms, summer wildfires, and infectious disease pandemics. There will be a written final exam, and then in the afternoon the final exercise will give students a chance to demonstrate the skills they've learned in a disaster scenario.

Those who take the class for personal preparedness will be more empowered to help their families and neighbors when disaster strikes. For those who want to be involved in an organized team, they can complete two short online classes in the Incident Command Structure (ICS), that will prepare them to interact with official government response agencies in a supportive role, and self-organize their own response in the community in the absence of an official response. They will also register as county Disaster Service Workers (DSWs), and be issued Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (helmet, gloves, goggles and vest), and a backpack with a basic disaster response kit.

Details regarding future basic CERT classes, refresher training and re-certification, advanced training, and ongoing team organization will be forthcoming. There is an opportunity for those who want to take on a leadership role in their neighborhoods to become Zone Coordinators, and there are also several roles in the centralized team that are as yet unfilled. The bottom line is that everyone has something valuable to offer the community, and by working together we can help ourselves by helping each other.

To find out more about the CERT class and register to participate, come by the Open House on June 15th! You can also send an email to, leave a message at the McDermott Station (831-426-1561), or call instructor Dave Spencer (415-531-8271).

Fire Safe Council Meeting
Second Monday of each month (7PM)
at the McDermott Station on Empire Grade

The Bonny Doon Community.

What: The Bonny Doon community will gather to share their concerns about wildland fire and ideas for protection, then form a Fire Safe Council to act on these problems and solutions.

When: The second Monday of each month at 7 pm.

Where: McDermott Station

A Fire Safe Council is a grassroots community organization whose mission is mobilizing neighbors to protect their homes, communities, and environments from wildfire. Fire Safe Councils promote education, pool resources, and apply for grants to fund community efforts to increase fire safety. There are nearly 200 local Fire Safe Councils in California, under the umbrella of the California Fire Safe Council, A Council can cover an area as small as the Pineridge neighborhood, or as large as Santa Clara County.

A Fire Safe Council will facilitate the collection of community input for the San Mateo/Santa Cruz County Community Wildfire Protection Plan. A Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) is the preferred planning process to enable community residents, local fire agencies and other interested parties to share information on common wildfire vulnerability. This group then works collaboratively to prioritize the projects that emerge from the group discussions. This process is invaluable in securing funds to help protect the community.

For more information, email, or call Joe Christy at 423-7151, Nadia Hamey at 457-6383, or Allan Lindh at 457-8848.

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