Santa Cruz County Fire Company 32
7276 Empire Grade, Santa Cruz CA 95060
Tel: (831) 426-1561 Fax: (831) 426-4591

Bonny Doon Station - The Frank A. Hellenthal Building

Station 32Address: 975 Martin Road, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Telephone: (831) 457-9378
Fax: (831) 457-9381
Station Manager: Steph Marr

Built in 1972, Bonny Doon Station is the original Bonny Doon Fire Station. The building is dedicated to Frank A. Hellenthal who was instrumental in getting the station constructed. This station is often referred to as "the old firehouse" or locally as "Station 32." This is simply because it predates the newer McDermott Station. Bonny Doon Station serves as our launching point for emergency services in the western part of Bonny Doon.

Assigned Apparatus

Bonny Doon Station is home to Engine 3221, Rescue 3261, and Utility 3291. It is also home to a 1929 Mack triple-combination fire engine owned by John Forbes which the team is trying valiantly to restore before it crumbles into its constituent components. It does run and pump, with some coaxing and kids love to ride in it (big and little)!

Station Facilities

Bonny Doon Station was our Headquarters for over two decades. This function transferred to McDermott Station in 2006. The station has an office/day room and four apparatus bays (garages), and workshop. The main tank provides 10,000 gallons of water storage. It has a fully automatic standby diesel generator in case of power outages, and serves as our fuel depot. The station has two phone lines, an Internet connection, a scanner, and both HAM and Public Safety radios.

Access to the facility is limited to firefighters, board and auxiliary members. To take a tour, please contact the station manager.


Bonny Doon Station is where we hold our fund-raisers. The old siren on the building was used to call out the team in the days before radio-pagers. Now we typically use the siren only to announce the beginning of our fund-raisers in the spring and fall, but if you hear it go off in the middle of the night, that means something BIG is up, and you should come and check in with us at the station.

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